Acer predator settings

I have a new XGUH and i cant find any infomation on these settings. I sure am not running a card that meets the "Auto Sync" feature yet Thanks to all who help me as this is my 1st message here!

Overdrive makes the pixels transition colors faster, basically it reduces ghosting. It does this by "over-volting" the operating voltage of the pixels. BUT in doing so, especially in the extreme setting, it can make the pixels "overshoot" their desired color.

Cant understand why i have got No Help Yet!

acer predator settings

Thanks hymcccord. I sure will leave that option in "normal" mode However are they for a new build? Thanks to all who help. Thank you so much! I literally found this answer after 30 seconds of searching! The opinions expressed on Acer Community are the personal opinions of the authors, not of Acer.

Acer Predator Z35 35-inch Curved G-Sync Monitor Review

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acer predator settings

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Acer Predator X34P 34" Gaming Monitor Review: Overclocked Curves

Welcome Forum. Acer Answers. Get Product Information only. Acer Support Videos.It is summoned by two presses of the joystick and is divided into six sub-menus. As stated earlier, you won'tfind ULMB here. But you will need to visit the Gaming menu to engage the Hz overclock. The Picture menu has basic luminance sliders, plus a Blue Light toggle, Dark Boost for low-end gamma, and Adaptive Contrast which we recommend you avoiding due to its clipping of detail.

The Blue Light is handy when working on white screens for long periods. The warmer color temp is easier on the eyes. Make sure to turn it off for games or movies though. There are four gamma presets, 1. The labels bear no resemblance to reality, however. Color Temp presets number four and include a user mode with RGB sliders that start at center range. This is handy because balanced settings mean higher contrast.

acer predator settings

Indeed, we turned down the Contrast slider ten clicks and only lost a tiny bit of dynamic range. Again, you'll find more info on page four. The X34P also includes a global color saturation slider and 6-axis Color for luminance and hue adjustments.

Audio just has a volume control that affects the internal speakers and the 3. Gaming has a two-level Overdrive plus offof which the Normal setting is best. Extreme produces obvious ghosting, which can be seen when scrolling text in Windows. The X34P will reboot and Hz will become available in Nvidia control panel.

You can vary the amount of speed increase if you like. Novice gamers will appreciate the Aim Point, which places one of three reticles at the center of the screen.I know a lot of things are locked away compared to a normal built system, but is there a way to do this? I don't think it would do much good since you can't overclock the CPU. So wouldn't the performance gain would be tiny without the ability to overclock the CPU?

extreme / normal /off setting on my new XG270HU

Anyway, the TC is more of a mainstream desktop. Don't get me wrong, you can max it out to 16GB ram and At this point, I've added to one of my tcs It's pretty quick. Now I just have to pull the trigger on that gtx ti-sc if it will fit in the case. I think when I checked it said something like Yeah I replaced it with 2 other sticks of 8gb ram.

They are able to run atand that is all I want to do. The machine is running them atand I just want to try and change the setting to and adjust the timings, but there is nowhere to do it in the bios. Ok, I understand. The ram you purchased is unfortunately probably "xmp" instead of "".

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July in Archives. July Are you talking about the stock memory in your computer? Or you've added some different memory? I have the i5 which says it only supports max.

If I were in your shoes, I'd probably return the ram and get some different ram. Good luck.Sign up for an Acer ID and get exclusive access to deals and the Predator Den community, where you can ask and answer questions about gaming and gear.

What to search discussions comments polls questions answers. DairyBeat Member Posts: 1 Newbie. November in Predator Monitors. Hello, I'm from The Netherlands, and own this monitor since December I use it not for games, but as a desktop monitor with a Dell XPS computer only.

So far I've never been happy with the screen settings from this monitor, and I just can't get it right; it's either too bright or too dark! Can you help please to get get the best settings out of this monitor?

November Use the 'gaming' gamma setting for best color reproduction, also set color temperature setting to warm. My brightness is set at 45, contrast is set at Saturation is I sometimes turn on the blue light remover at night. Blue light is good for you during the day apparently.

The information below is well known to some, but I am posting it again in case someone else has similar questions. You can use the Acer Windows 7 driver in Windows 10 just fine, by updating the standard driver listed in Device Manager. I prefer it over the standard monitor driver. These drivers are direct from manufacturer, of course. Also, this site has many.

That k color temperature profile makes a big difference: not too warm, not too cool. A big deal.

Acer Predator XB241H review - 24" 180Hz 1080p G-Sync gaming monitor - By TotallydubbedHD

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acer predator settings

Who's Online in this Category 0. Join in, share your experience! It looks like you're new here.Pressing any of the control keys brings up a small set of icons that hover over the buttons' positions. G stands for game mode and will call up one of three presets. The needle icon represents overdrive. Next is volume, then input and finally the main OSD. Acer users will be familiar with the X34's menu configuration.

If you attempt to make any adjustments in the other presets, the mode automatically changes to User. That's where we did all our tests both before and after calibration. You'll notice that we turned the Contrast control down from its default setting of At that level, the X34 clips a fair amount of highlight detail and completely skews the gamma tracking. There's more on that below and on page five. Blue Light is a five-step option that reduces the blue primary in an effort to mitigate eye fatigue.

It's becoming common on all the monitors we test lately. A proper calibration can provide equal relief.

Dark Boost will manipulate low-end gamma to make shadow detail more visible. It's useful in games that have a lot of deep black areas. The option has three levels. Adaptive Contrast will vary screen brightness and gamma according to content. It can make the image look more contrasty but it can also clip detail and you'll see the image dim and brighten as the scene changes.

It's a phenomenon we call image pumping. There are four gamma presets: Gaming, 1. The Saturation slider will change all six colors at once. You can use it to make color more vivid at the expense of accuracy. The 6-axis color option has sliders for every color and seems to affect only their luminance. We found no need for either adjustment as the X34 has a pretty accurate gamut out of the box. Refresh rate num puts an fps counter in the upper-right corner of the screen.

It's not too intrusive and comes in a yellow font that is easily visible in any game. Game mode provides three settings memories. After you've set up the X34 to your liking, you can toggle between them with one of the bezel keys. Aim point places one of three white reticules at the center of the screen. You can't have it active at the same time as the frame counter.

The Setting menu starts with an input selector. It's easier to use the bezel hotkey for this. DTS should be let on for the best possible sound from the seven-watt speakers. OD has Normal and Extreme settings. Extreme reduces motion blur but introduces a little ghosting. It's distracting in some content but not universally so. Ambient Light refers to an LED along the panel's bottom edge that can light up your desktop in a variety of colors.

You can also control the intensity, have the light breathe, flash or ripple Acer's terms, not ours ; or turn it off entirely. Deep Sleep can be set for each input and regulates how the X34 wakes up when receiving an input. On means you'll have to press a bezel key to activate the monitor.Pressing any key brings up a quick menu.

The big G stands for Game Mode. There are three settings memories which you can be program. The needle icon accesses the overdrive option. Number three controls volume, the fourth selects the input and the fifth brings up the full OSD. You are then free to calibrate to your preference.

Contrast comes set to 50 by default, but we found that caused gamma and color accuracy issues. Blue Light reduces the blue primary to make the white point warmer and thereby reduce eye fatigue. Dark Boost raises low end gamma to make shadow detail more visible. Adaptive Contrast can extend perceived contrast but it will clip information at the extremes of the luminance range.

Gamma has two presets: 1. The latter is the default but it seems the former is the better choice. Check out our results on pages five and six for more information. Color Temp has three presets plus a user mode. Saturate works like a color control to modulate overall saturation. The RGB sliders start maxed so you can only reduce them to dial in grayscale tracking. We only had to make a single adjustment to blue during our tests.

Here are the CMS sliders. If you find yourself lost after too much tweaking, a handy Reset function is provided at the bottom.

The OSD comes in 15 languages and can be left up for two minutes max. It appears in the lower right corner of the screen and cannot be moved. Refresh rate num is an fps counter that appears at the top right corner when turned on. The numbers are fairly large so you might only want them up for testing purposes. Transparency refers to the OSD screens and has four levels. Game mode contains three settings memories that can be configured by the user.

After making changes, save your options in one of the Settings fields.We purchase our own monitors and put them under the same test bench, so that you can compare the results easily. No cherry-picked units sent by brands. The Acer Predator XBHU is a good p monitor with a fast refresh rate, wide viewing angles, and outstanding low input lag.

The stand has impressive ergonomics, so it's easy to place it in an ideal viewing position or turn the screen to share it with someone else. Although it's a great gaming monitor overall, the response time is a bit slower than most similar monitors.

Unfortunately, it has a low contrast ratio, so blacks appear gray in a dark room, but this is typical for IPS monitors. It's a very good office monitor thanks to the exceptional ergonomics and good peak brightness, and it has excellent low input lag, making it a great gaming monitor as well.

It's a decent monitor for multimedia and media creation, but it has a low native contrast ratio, so it's not a great choice for a dark room. Very good monitor for office use. The Acer Predator XBHU features an excellent stand with complete articulation making it easy to find a comfortable position. It offers a good amount of screen real-estate for productivity, and its wide viewing angle and rotating feature makes it powerful in a more communal working environment.

This is a great gaming monitor.

Acer Predator X35 Optional Firmware Update

Unfortunately, it delivers only average picture quality, which is mostly an issue for darker viewing environments due to the low contrast ratio and poor black uniformity. It has a great horizontal viewing angle, so multiple people can share the screen without sacrificing picture quality. It has excellent uniformity, but its low contrast and lack of HDR-related features mean its picture quality is only about average in a dark room.

It has excellent gray uniformity, and when calibrated, it tracks the sRGB target almost perfectly. The Acer Predator XBHU has a simple design overall, with thin bezels on three sides, a solid stand with excellent ergonomics, and decent build quality. It supports the monitor well and feels stable, despite the small footprint. There's quite a good range of ergonomic adjustment options available, which makes it easy to find a comfortable setup. The screen also rotates to portrait orientation on either side, so you can choose which direction you want the inputs to face.


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